Mmmm....I'm new to the cel collecting game, so I don't have too many yet. Right now I'm focusing mainly on Toya cels from Ayashi no Ceres (I seem to have a lot of facial close-ups at this point anyway), but I hope to add some additional characters as well as other series.

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6/24/2006Wow - been a while since I made updates. 'Course this could be because I haven't bought many cels in a while. This happens when you buy a house without selling the first one and you have two mortgages. :(
2/12/2006Lots of new AnC cels added, including another opening cel (bit of a wishlist there!) More to come in the next few weeks!
1/30/2006Added three new AnC cels - but in a few weeks expect a *large* update with many new cels to come! :) wallet weeps...~
12/9/2005Ok - Uploaded a *whole* bunch of AnC cels, and one FY. My scanner seems to be on the fritz as many of the images appear to be over-exposed. Any artifacts you see are from my scanner as well, not actually on the cels.

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Title Last Updated
Ayashi no Ceres - Settei (40) 10/1/2005
Ayashi no Ceres (41) 6/24/2006
Ayashi no Ceres - Bargain Bin (9) 12/9/2005
D.N.Angel - Settei (32) 10/11/2005
Fruits Basket - Settei (31) 10/19/2005
Fushigi Yugi (5) 12/9/2005
Kaikan Phrase - Settei (13) 10/11/2005
Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust (2) 10/19/2005
Wolf's Rain - Settei (14) 10/19/2005

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